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Above artwork of Erol Otus used without permission.


Welcome to the section of my site dedicated to the pastime of roleplaying via email. My games will use a Screenplay style of posting. For example,

HURK (To Gnoll): “Begone, Dog, before my steel finds your vitals!"

Hurk sways from side to side, sword in hand, ready to strike.

The gnoll’s hyena-like face breaks into a grin as he unsheathes a long broadsword.

GNOLL: “He-he! Foolish human! I’ll have your head for stew tonight and your guts for sausages! He-he-he!"

The gnoll aims a swing at your head, which you parry with your own blade. General melee ensues.

You hear more laughter and footsteps approaching.

Such are the things of Play-by-Email gaming… Is it slow? Yes, sometimes, but such are the things of PBEM gaming…

Some players may wish to use Labyrinth Lord PDF - Basically a clone of Basic and Expert D&D published freely to the web by Goblinoid Games. I would also use Tunnels & Trolls.

Email the referee, DM or GM - Tim (Expert)

A few adventures are listed below. As games progress, they will posted here for lurkers to read.


The Hound

The Hound – Background and Recent Events (To be read to the players)

Set in the World of Greyhawk

Blackwood is the name of the county where sits the small town of Greenbriar. It is forgotten now how the place got its name. Plague has recently swept through the area, including the lands of Nyrond, Almor and neighboring regions. Some say the disease originated in the Great Kingdom, the result of some wizard’s meddling. Nearly half of the population of cities and large towns succumbed to the Cursed (Cur-sed) Death, while sparsely populated areas suffered less, though still they suffered. There are rumors that the plague is continuing to the west.

The gnomes, halflings and other demi-human races of the Flinty Hills remained mostly untouched by the sickness, and the people have grown suspicious of these clannish beings as they continue to step in and take over the trades (and guilds) once performed by mostly humans alone. The once numerous patrols and strongly guarded towers and keeps of Men are much reduced as well, though the demi-humans, by necessity, have stepped in here to guard against the incursions of lawless men and other monsters.

The only bit of positivity brought by the plague is lack of want for food and land. In the three years since the Cursed Death swept through, the land has prospered, growing enough food for man and beast alike. New alliances have been formed, and houses have merged. People look forward with positivity again.

Greenbriar, a small town centered on a grassy hilltop south of the Flinty Hills shared the new found optimism about the future until the attacks started. Some said it was a demon, others a monstrous hound. It always attacked in the night, and has destroyed three farms so far. Not just destroyed, but burned the houses and barns, killed the inhabitants and livestock and ruined the stores. Its monstrous howls can be heard nightly. The terrified villagers seek safety in the village, but not even the town militia is willing to venture out after dark. The mayor, Bandar Gont, has offered a reward of 250 gold lions to anyone brave enough to destroy the hell beast.

A crowd of concerned villagers has gathered in the Blackthorn Tavern, owned by Dav Blackthorn. The mayor tries to quiet the mob of half-crazed shouting citizens. The captain of the guard stands quietly as the villagers berate him for his lack of action. He explains he has sent patrols to the destroyed farms, and looked for tracks, but nothing has been found. He says he simply cannot guard the village and the outlying farms at the same time. The crowd suggests enlisting rangers to help patrol the land, but the captain and mayor remind them that they were called away to the Cursed (Cur-sed) Great Kingdom to hunt the outlaws there. Someone suggests hiring dwarves or gnomes to help them, but there is a general murmur of disagreement.

“Just when we simple folks start to get back up on our feet after that Cursed Death, this devil hound comes to bring us more misery! Oh, who will save us poor people from this beast?!” wails a woman wearing a shawl.

You stand in this crowd. You may be a traveler passing through or you may be a member of the village.


Scenario in development: There is trouble at the farm and vineyard of Milo Greenhill, a prosperous halfling, and maker of some of the finest wine in the land. Giant killer bees, each as long as a forearm have killed three workers so far, and the grapes wait to be picked, nearly ripe. Now, no one will set foot in the vineyard. If he doesn't get the harvest in the halfling may lose his farm. The local authorities are not willing to waste valuable resources to help stop a force of nature. The halfling is offering a reward of 250 gold lions, free room and board and endless wine and spirits to anyone who rids him of the bee infestation.

Another scenario in development: An old hunter seeks a party to track down the troll who took his hand, Stony Dick. The rock troll is believe to have been spotted in an area known as the Boulder Barrens, just the place for a rock troll to make its lair.


My own adventures in another PBEM: I'm currently playing a dwarf named Stump Bluesteel, adventuring in White Plume Mountain. So far, I've been cut out of the belly of a giant crab by a swashbuckler and a magic user (the other party members). The dwarf's original party being lost or killed within the dungeon, and the dwarf being knocked on the head and losing most of his memory, and somehow ending up in the crab. After killing the crab the group found its treasure: a magical trident as well as a bag of holding, gold and platinum. Then attacked by 40 kobolds, who hit the dwarf with 5 javelins at the same time. The wizard managed to cast a web on the kobolds and Stump tossed a torch, killing all but three who are currently captives. Luckily they had 84 tiny healing potions, each healing 1 hit point. Now, we've encountered a sleeping stone giant holding a key (probably important), and are debating whether to attack or talk with it. I played the module years ago, but remember little of it.


A reference section from Boise State concerning Medieval Europe, 27 pages total. Use the arrows to navigate between pages. Useful flavor material for gaming, stuff you may have known but forgotten.

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